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Just for YOU

At Labrador, I want to make sure you get what you need for your bookkeeping, cash flow management & general business needs. We will exceed your expectations in outcomes, delivery and just how ‘low stress’ it can all be. 

  • Enjoy Life MORE
  • Build a better business w/Less Stress
  • Make a great investment
    • Deduct our cost as an expense
    • Grow revenue & profitability
    • Always ready for anything

I listen well....

A Professional Practice & Small Business Owner sweats the big stuff & the small stuff. Tell me what worries you about your biz and I will let you know if I can help make things easier and better. If I can’t, I’ll help you find someone who can.

Why YOU? Why Me? 

Why Choose Labrador?


Because I know where our expertise begins and ends. Labrador will never lead you down a path that isn’t good for you and your business. Never. I know bookkeeping and I know business! Check out the Hi! I’m Belinda page on this website.

If you want to always play defense (not a winning strategy by the way!) you don’t want me. If you want a strong offense for successful tomorrows, then I may just be what you are looking for – someone with significant & meaningful business experience including starting from scratch & growing business.

as numbers are crunched and decisions made, I never forget the people who will be impacted. You. Employees. Family. Friends. Community. Your values and vision will always be top of mind when Labrador works with you and your team. 

My firm caters to smart professionals who want to build a successful practice and business. If you work hard to make life better for people or animals we want to work with you.

We are happy to help professional practices & small business owners at startup with services matched to your needs (we know cash flow can be a challenge). Your success is important to you and to us. We believe success correlates with happy people and strong communities.

Save A lot of Time

Whether your books are current or way behind we bet you spend time thinking about them. Let us do this work while you focus on what you’re best at. I’m guessing it isn’t the bookkeeping.

Make More Money

While you focus on growing your business Labrador will be doing the same. We usually use flat fee billing so you always know the cost for every project or every month. It’s simple & honest.

Know where you stand

For you, the IRS, banks & State Agencies – we provide data & reports to help you succeed. As the owner of a complex practice or business, we help you interpret cash flow analysis, receivables aging, trust balances, inventory & more so you can make better decisions faster.

Trust the USA

Unlike many bookkeeping & accounting firms, all of the work we do for you is done right here in Texas USA. We are background screened & insured. We honor confidentiality, integrity & honesty. Plus, you will always have Belinda, Labrador’s owner, working with you.

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