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Dedicated to my clients' success. Serving with accuracy, speed & integrity. Oh! I make it enjoyable too.

Thanks for dropping in! My name is Belinda Mikel and I own Labrador Bookkeeping.

I am Advanced Certified in Quickbooks and hold a B.S. & MBA in Management & Accounting Education.

My experience includes teaching as a licensed Accounting/Bookkeeping instructor and running businesses from start-up to almost $1 Billion in revenue.

Working with business owners, I meet men & women with amazing passion, skill and expertise, but little time or interest in bookkeeping. However, they do want to grow their business. So, I help biz owners do just that by providing information they need when they need it and helping them quickly understand what the numbers are saying. You will see opportunities and risk more quickly. This helps you make better decisions faster with a lot less stress.  

Curious about the ‘Labrador’ name? It is in honor of Lucy, a rescue & my best friend of 14 years. She was always by my side & I want to honor her by instilling the wonderful characteristics of the Lab into my biz including integrity, intelligence, loyalty and a ‘let’s find it and solve it’ attitude. 

I also have two adult kids. They both graduated from Purdue University & are lots of fun to spend time too. 

You will find Labrador Bookkeeping is more than the ‘classic’ bookkeeping service. It’s a cinch to record HISTORICAL data for compliance (tax defense) which is what most Bookkeepers & CPAs do. Historical recording only will not do much for your future. I will also help you understand the data and the connection to decisions you are making on a regular and consistent basis – can you imagine how great that would be? THIS is how you play offense and build a future!

DEFENSE protects you. OFFENSE scores & grows a winning business! YOU NEED BOTH!

Together we can tailor a service package just right for you. No fluff, no bull.  To schedule a complimentary discovery call, use the button below to access my calendar. Or, you can call me at 512-588-4018.

It’s never too late to create a better tomorrow. Warmly, B


Founder & Owner, Chief Officer of Customer Delight

On vacation in the beautiful and bold State of Alaska. Visiting here with Goldie in Ketchikan. 

Lucy, best friend

Lucy was a rescued Black Labrador and embodied why Labs have been recognized as the #1 breed for 28 years in a row. We were best buds for 14 years. She relocated with me multiple times due to my work and never complained. We traveled together, laughed together, had fun and even cried together. I love animals and have been around them my entire life, but I never knew what a ‘heart’ dog was until her. Now, I can never forget. RIP my friend knowing I loved you.

Education, Certifications & Memberships:

Master Business Administration (MBA)
Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor
Xero Certified Partner
TSheets Tech Pro Certified
TSheets Elite Certified
American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
Digital Bookkeeper’s Association
Healthcare Business Women’s Association