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We use SECURE VIRTUAL/DIGITAL Technology to support our U.S. clients





First Time Software Set Up

This includes set up of accounting/bookkeeping software + Chart of Accounts + Walk Through of Bank Feed Connections. Starts at $350.

Want to know what button to push? Training

You may want to take care of your own bookkeeping, but need help setting up your system and processes. We can help. Initial training is $350 for 2 hours with an additional FREE 30 minutes of support when you need it.

More training beyond the first 2.5 hours is available at $75/30 minutes. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Not Sure What's Going On? Diagnostic Review

Sometimes you just aren’t sure if things are quite right. I understand and can do a complete review of your bookkeeping set-up. You will receive a diagnostic report with recommendations following careful evaluation. If all is well, you have peace of mind which is priceless. If we find some areas to further minimize your risks, capitalize on opportunities or improve processes, you will be the first to know! We will review the findings with you and present recommendations and options when possible. Pricing is determined prior to engagement.

Messy Books? No Problem! Clean Up & Catch Up

You are NOT alone. Did you know over half of all small businesses do not have their books caught up? Some are more than a year behind! Money is the foundation of your success and bookkeeping is the foundation of all things money. So, if you need help – you are in good company. We will create a quote for you based on the complexity of the cleanup and how quickly you need it done. Call, email or schedule now.

People Owe You? Accounts Receivable

You may be recording A/R on a regular basis, but are you closely monitoring your receivables? We will help identify & clean up past dues, fix errant processes and monitor your receivables. You will receive an aging report monthly, or more often if you want it.

You Owe People? Accounts Payable

Every business has bills! It is critical to monitor bill payment AND OPTIMIZE your cash flow. Most business owners don’t have time to do this. It can make a difference in your bottom line. A positive difference. We will optimize the bill payment process and once you approve a payment we handle it.


Contact Us for Quote. Depending upon your payroll needs we can manage for you or we can recommend outsourcing support.

Contractor Taxes? Year End 1099 Reporting

Electronic reporting of 1099 data and email delivery to your vendors. Only $10 per 1099 processed in January for the previous fiscal year with all information readily available. If you need help chasing down W9s during the year we may be able to help you with that too. These are things you really shouldn’t be doing with your time.

Tax Prep

Tax prep and filing for Sole Proprietors, Single Member LLC, Partnerships and S-Corp including corresponding 1040